So many people are stressed or depressed this time of year, and adding to the hardships we still feel from the pandemic, it can be overwhelming. 

So I’d like to share a website that has helped me: “Virtues for life: The Heart of Everyday Living.” Their recent post is really fitting for Thanksgiving.

It starts with: “When going through difficult times, it’s harder to see the good that exists amidst our troubles. But by being more grateful for what we do have, we can increase our happiness by 25% according to University of California Psychology Professor Dr. Robert Emmons and author of the book, Thanks!: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier.”

Emmons recommends writing down 100 things you are thankful for. Yes, 100! To do that, get down to the basics like a warm bed and a hot cup of coffee. And after all, many times it is the simplest things that can bring us daily pleasures.

Another idea from the post is to make it a habit not to complain for 21 days. That’s the amount of time psychologists say it takes to change a habit. Even those of us who aren’t big complainers may not realize how often we do complain or think negative thoughts. 

My wish and hope for you is peace and happiness this Thanksgiving.  

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