As individuals age, daily interactions with others may decrease while the likelihood of isolation increases. Seniors may lose contact with co-workers after retiring, or may not see their children as frequently once they start families of their own. Reduced interest in friends or social situations or neglecting a cherished hobby may be signs that your loved one is experiencing social isolation. 

Moving to a senior living community can reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness through: 

• Activities and events – Enjoying activities together gives seniors an easy and accessible way to make meaningful connections with those around them.

• Worry-free living – Join friends for a meal while staff take care of cooking and dishes! Housekeeping is often included too, so residents can relax and enjoy life.

• Strengthen family bonds - The relief that comes with knowing your loved one is taken care of can reduce stressful interactions, and free up more time to enjoy each other’s company.

• Furry friends are invited, too! – Studies show pets can have therapeutic physical, mental and emotional benefits. Many senior living communities will welcome your loved one’s beloved pets, which provide frequent opportunities to socialize.

• Live better – Wellness programming allows residents to choose a variety of physical, emotional, spiritual and vocational gatherings to promote socialization and boost quality of life.

Activities help older adults focus on constructive, positive aspects of life while avoiding feelings of loneliness. To explore programs that combat isolation by bringing people together, contact Prestige Assisted Living at Green Valley – 520-648-5583.

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