Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, comes from the cannabis (marijuana) plant, and has been used to treat pain since it became legal to do so.

CBD for pain and other conditions

Many people find CBD useful for their chronic pain, although some do not like the way it makes them feel. CBD is also being used to treat conditions besides pain, such as anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

How CBD is delivered

CBD can be taken in different ways: as a cream, tincture, roll-on, edibles like gummies, and a spray. The spray is a water soluble, fine mist so when it is sprayed under the tongue it is absorbed quickly by the body and bypasses the GI tract and the stomach upset that bothers some patients.

Be sure you know what you’re getting

When people say CBD doesn’t help them or is too strong, or works sometimes but not always, the problem is often that stores sell inferior, non-standardized products. Buyers may be getting different strengths of CBD each time.

At Pima Pain Center, physicians recommend their patients try the CBD mist to help with their pain, depression, anxiety and other problems. CBD isn’t a miracle cure, but it can be useful as one way to chip away at debilitating pain and other issues. For help with physical, mental or behavioral pain, contact Pima Pain Center at 520-399-6000.