back pain

Compression fractures of the spine typically cause pain in the thoracic (mid-spine) or lumbar (lower back) portions of the spine. They can be caused by osteoporosis, a car accident, a fall or other trauma.

Prevention is the key

It's much better to prevent compression fractures than to have to treat them after the damage has occurred. A DEXA scan - which measures the density of the bones - will show if you are at risk for fractures because of osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones. If so, medication can be injected into the low density area to make the bones stronger, while newer oral medications can actually help bones grow.

When surgery is warranted

If you do have a compression fracture of the spine, a minimally invasive surgery called Kyphoplasty is performed via a small incision in the back at the compressed vertebra.

A small balloon is inserted through a tube and carefully inflated to widen the compressed area. Then, material placed in the inflated area quickly hardens to hold the opened shape. Height that has been lost due to compression fractures can be regained with kyphoplasty.

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