Chronic back pain, often an issue for seniors, is becoming quite common at all ages. Now that we all spend a good portion of our time hunched over our cell phones and sitting at computers, problems with posture even affect younger people.

“Poor posture speeds up deterioration of the spine,” said Jeffrey Bolton, Doctor of Chiropractic at Pima Pain Center. “But back pain can also be caused by recent injuries or something that happened long ago, such as a car accident.”

That’s why it is so important that physicians ask the right questions to get a complete health history from patients. Some types of questions you might be asked include:

• Do you enjoy a sport or activity that is now causing you pain? How long have you been doing this sport or activity?

• Have you ever been in an auto accident?

• Have you been in the military and if so, have you experienced continuing pain that could be a result of combat or training?

• Have you ever had physical therapy or rehabilitation for an injury?

These kinds of probing questions can help uncover incidents you may have forgotten or didn’t think to mention. And it’s the type of thorough, whole body discussion we have with every patient who comes to Pima Pain Center.

If you are experiencing pain of any kind, let’s get to the root of what is causing it so you can get back to pain-free living. Call Pima Pain Center for an appointment at 520-399-6000.