Knee pain is one of the most common ailments that occur with age. That’s because the cartilage surrounding the knee joint wears away, leaving the bones grinding against one another when you move your knee. Patients are usually given cortisone shots for the knee pain, but eventually they are told they need knee replacement surgery.

What if you could avoid surgery?

All surgery comes with risk, and knee replacement has a long and painful recovery period. Several treatments are available that can provide comfort while delaying or even eliminating the need for surgery.

Physicians weigh patient age, overall medical history, the cause of knee pain and the extent of knee damage when deciding which treatments to pursue. A radiological exam, 3-D imaging and advanced MRI scans are needed to accurately diagnose the cause of knee pain.

Non-surgical alternatives for knees

There are numerous options to consider before deciding on surgery including:

• Physiotherapy to strengthen specific muscles and treat injuries to ligaments and the meniscus.

• Wearing an orthopedic knee brace to offload pressure on the knee.

• Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections to the joint to improve lubrication.

• Platelet rich plasma (PRP) isolated from the patient’s own blood injected into the joint to encourage natural healing.

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