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Since Green Valley has no real local government, our homeowners’ associations (HOAs) serve an important purpose. There are over 100 HOAs in the Green Valley area. All HOAs are not created equal, however. They all have different amounts of services they provide and different rules and regulations. The cost of the association can vary from as little as $25 per year to over $200 per month.

A good HOA will help protect your property values by keeping your neighborhood looking its best.

Some great reasons for HOAs are:

1) Keeping your neighborhood looking its best.

2) Sharing common area costs.

3) Helping to settle disputes between neighbors.

HOAs do get a bad reputation for several reasons, like high dues, being restrictive on what you can and can’t do and rules about getting approval for all exterior and landscaping projects.

But, without a good homeowners’ association, you could have your home and landscaping looking good while your next-door neighbor’s yard is full of weeds and their home is in disrepair. Without a good association you could be out of luck. What’s worse is trying to sell your home next to that neighbor.

If you want to protect your biggest investment, buy in a neighborhood that has a great homeowners’ association. Ask about it when you’re considering buying a home in any neighborhood.

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