You’ve probably seen commercials from a title lock company, saying that people are losing the titles to their homes to fraudulent scammers and you need a title lock to protect yourself. Is this true? Do you need this service?

What title lock is, and is not

Title lock is a deed monitoring service costing about $15/month. All it does is notify you if there’s a change to the title on your home. It is NOT Title Insurance.

It is a fraud. The scammers forge your signature(s), get it notarized and record the deed at the county. But you will still legally own your home. Many things need to happen to legally transfer the title of your home.

To be clear, I have not seen this happening in Green Valley, but we need to be extra careful because these scammers often target seniors and vacation home owners.

How to protect yourself

• Check the title on your home periodically from the Pima County Assessor (This is very easy to do online).

• Don’t sign anything you don’t understand.

• Never give out any personal information. (e.g. date of birth, hometown, etc.)

If you believe you have been scammed, contact law enforcement immediately and get legal advice.

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