To Zillow or Not to Zillow

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If you’re considering selling your home or buying a home, like most people, you’ve probably checked out Zillow to see what they say the home is worth.

According to our real estate Insider, Scott Chancellor of Realty Executives, don’t get too caught up in Zillow’s “zestimates.”

“Zillow might be a good starting point to look at homes and find open houses, but it’s not a great tool for finding the appraised values of homes,” Chancellor said. “Some values could be over 20% off of the home’s real value. So a $200,000 home could be listed anywhere between $160,000 and $240,000.”

Green Valley is a diverse, one-of-a-kind community where you can find both upscale and modest homes in the same neighborhood, making it a big challenge to get proper home values. For an example, you can have a home that is over $300,000 across the street from a $150,000 home, with a $40,000 condo down the street.

So, go ahead and look on Zillow, and enjoy the user-friendly site and its great photos and information. But if you are looking to buy or sell, your best bet is always to find a local realtor who knows the area and will give you accurate information on local home values.

For information and help with selling your current home and/or buying your next one, contact Scott Chancellor, Realty Executives at 520-360-6973.