A few days ago, I was stopped on the street by one of my neighbors. She said she was waiting to sell till the market improved in the fall because “there were not enough buyers in town.”

She didn’t know that Green Valley is in the midst of a housing shortage. The time is ripe to sell. One of the biggest problems for most sellers is once they sell where do they go? Sellers that want to stay in Green Valley are looking for something different (bigger, smaller, a great view, 3 car garage) and these homes might not be currently available.

Here are the facts:

• At last count, there were 85 single family homes, 34 townhomes and 16 condos for sale in Green Valley. If you add in Quail Creek, there’s another 19 homes for sale.

• The local home builders are also doing great again, but they are getting top dollar. They do have a small inventory of homes. You can also build one from scratch but you have to wait.

• If you want to sell and have a place to go, it’s a great time to sell.

• The market needs your home!!

Please remember to shop local, our local businesses need your support.

I have over 20 years of selling homes in Green Valley, so if you need a Green Valley Realtor, call me, your Local Green Valley Real Estate Expert, Scott Chancellor, Realty Executives Arizona Territory at 520-360-6973, Scott@MrGreenValley.com www.MrGreenValley.com.