In the past, the selling season in Green Valley began in February. January lookers became February buyers.

But this year is different.

Buyers are skipping the looking phase.

There is a low inventory of homes for sale, and COVID-19 has changed how homes are being sold. This has caused more buyers to skip the looking phase and go straight to buying. In the past, buyers would look at a home two or three times before making an offer. Now, buyers feel more pressure to buy fast or lose the house to another buyer.

Pressure to buy leads to buyer’s remorse.

This has caused more buyer’s remorse than ever before. Sellers should not be alarmed; this is what happens when buyers purchase homes under these market conditions.

Tips for Sellers:

• Don’t overprice your home.

• Keep your home looking great during the inspection time.

• If the contract on your home cancels, be patient - there will always be another buyer.

Your home WILL sell.

We are seeing contracts cancel for all sorts of reasons, but most of the time it is probably just buyer’s remorse. Be patient. Your home will sell because it’s a great time to sell!

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