Taking out the trash

Senior man is pushing wheeled dumpster

You only get one chance make a great first impression, but second and third impressions can be just as important to receiving a good offer. Getting a buyer inside your home is the first step, but keeping them in the house as long as possible is the most important thing you can do. Here are a few tips:

First impressions are the ones you see, but second impressions are the ones you smell. Make you home smell clean and fresh by removing all cigarette and pet odors, washing dirty dishes, taking out the trash and adding room air fresheners to eliminate lingering odors. Nothing will run off a buyer faster than bad odors, and they will never return.

Don’t confuse buyers; use rooms as they were intended. If you’ve turned your dining room into a billiards room, change it back. Guest bedrooms need to be guest bedrooms. Nobody wants to see a former garage as a custom living/TV room.

Asking a buyer to take off their shoes to enter is a huge mistake. I’ve seen many buyers turn and walk away from these homes just after entering the front door. Nobody wants to walk on your dirty floors in their bare feet or clean socks. If you must, have shoe covers at the front door.

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