Money Drain

Some renters in Green Valley say they like not having to take care of maintenance. Roof leaking? Weeds in the yard? Just call the landlord.

Others like not having to pay taxes or association fees, and some like the flexibility of not being tied down to one place.

But, there are better reasons to buy:

• It’s a great investment. The tax advantages and the currently low interest rates make your home a sort of savings account.

• Come and go as you please. Arrive when you want to and stay as long as you like, even at the last minute. You don’t have a lease telling you when to leave.

• No surprises. When you open the door you won’t be hit with that “Oh No” feeling. It’s your place; it’s just how you like it.

• No tedious packing, hauling and unpacking. Your home has everything you need because you put it all in place.

• Your pets are always welcome. And if you’re not one to bring along a Fluffy or Spot, you won’t have to wonder if the last renters brought theirs.

• You’re the boss. There is no landlord telling you what to do, because you’re the landlord!

As for all those taxes and association fees?

You can be sure they’re figured into your rent anyway.

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