Have you heard of Opendoor – the “new” way to sell your home? It sounds great, doesn’t it? Sell your home fast without any hassles…Give them your address and they give you an offer, sometimes without ever seeing your home!

A good deal? Maybe not.

These types of companies aren’t new – they’ve been around a long time. They’re just real estate investors looking to buy your home as cheaply as possible and sell it at a profit. If you do get a good price on your home, watch out for the fees! You’ll also have to make all the repairs - or, they’ll make the repairs for you, and then lower your quote.

Fine – if you don’t mind giving away money.

Green Valley can be a tricky market, so Opendoor hasn’t been buying in our community yet, but they are buying and selling in Sahuarita.

The better option is to find a good local Realtor who knows our market. He will be able to give you the true value of your home and if you need a quick sale, your home can be priced accordingly.

The market is hot and a great offer is just around the corner. Somebody is going to make a profit on your home, and I would like it to be YOU, not investors.

If you are looking to buy or sell your current home, call your Green Valley Real Estate Expert, Scott Chancellor, Realty Executives at 520-360-6973,

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