Real Estate

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Over the past year, the real estate market in Green Valley has become a seller’s market, with under 350 single family homes for sale. Some homes are being sold in just days on the market. So, if you find that perfect home, there are a few things you can do to help make sure it’s your next home:

  • Make a strong 1st offer. In some cases, offer full price or even higher.
  • Make it a clean offer. Don’t ask the seller to make any concessions; no Home Warranty or furniture thrown in for free. Remember you’re buying your next home, not used furniture.
  • Add an escalation clause. If more than one offer comes in at the same time, you agree to pay a bit more than the other offers, up to a limit.
  • Make your offer now. Do not wait to think it over. Time is not on your side. If it’s your perfect home, it will be perfect for someone else, too. As they say, the early bird gets the worm.
  • Make sure your offer is easy to read and complete. Include all required documents.

These steps can make the difference between getting your dream home or having to keep looking.

Coming Next Month: Sellers - “Don’t Leave Money on the Table”

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