So you say, “What is a FSBO?” It stands for For Sale By Owner. Tring to sell your own home can be foolish. After all, if selling homes was easy, everybody would be doing it!

There are many pitfalls in trying to sell your own home:

• Home Value – Most Sellers don’t know the true value of their home, and using a site like Zillow is not the way to find out. A good, local Realtor will analyze recent sales and know the current trends on how the market is moving.

• Lack of Visibility – Buyers who see that your home is for sale will be limited, and the right buyer probably will never see it.

• Liabilities – This is huge! Most FSBOs don’t disclose everything that must be disclosed. Paperwork is often vague or omitted.

• No Representation – Who is looking out for your best interests?

• Inspections and repairs – Inspections are often overlooked, causing more possible liabilities.

Thinking of being a FSBO to save big bucks? You could end up losing money instead.

Always get a local Realtor who knows Green Valley. You will be much happier in the long run, and make more money with less risk of lawsuits and liabilities.

I have over 20 years of experience selling homes in Green Valley. So if you need a Green Valley Realtor, call me, your Local Green Valley Real Estate Expert, Scott Chancellor, Realty Executives at 520-360-6973, Scott@MrGreenValley.com www.MrGreenValley.com.

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