dental options

You go for your cleaning and exam, and your dentist says you need to have a tooth pulled.

What?? Oh, no! How are you going to replace it? Should you replace it? The dentist tells you he can do a bridge to replace the tooth, which involves cutting down the teeth on either side so he can replace the now missing tooth with a three-tooth bridge.

What? You have to have your nice, beautiful teeth cut down?

Yes, he tells you. So you agree and now those perfectly good teeth are sore, sensitive AND they now need root canals! You are understandably upset.

Talking to a friend about your experience, you learn that you could have had an implant placed or a partial. Your dentist never gave you any options or alternatives!! You are MAD! You chastise yourself for not asking for options.


It’s the dentist’s responsibility to inform and educate you about the alternatives and provide you with the facts, pros and cons of each alternative along with the price. You need details so you can make a decision that is best for you and your budget.

You need to be a participant in the process. Your dentist needs to be your partner whom you trust.

For advice on root canals, implants, other dental issues and your options or routine care, make an appointment with Dr. Dawnie Kildoo at Legacy Smile of Southern Arizona, 520-625-0131.

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