As you’ve gotten older, you may have noticed increased stiffness in your joints and the inability to move as easily as you used to. Fortunately, there are simple ways to increase your mobility.

NOTE: When doing mobility exercises you should feel slight tension. If you experience pain, go more slowly. There is no gain from pain!

Mobility is more than flexibility.

Flexibility refers to how much range of motion you have in a joint, or how fully you can extend a muscle. It’s one aspect of mobility, but mobility also includes balance, coordination and strength.

Stretch every day.

The key to stretching is doing it every day. Simple dynamic stretching - like going through the full range of motion in a joint with neck and arm rolls - helps keep full use of those joints.

Practice balance.

Improving your balance with exercises like yoga and Tai Chi will help prevent falls, which can be a great concern as you get older.

Increase your strength.

We’re not suggesting bodybuilding here; lift light weights that give you slight resistance you can feel in your muscles. Strong muscles help protect the joints.

Include aerobic exercise.

Getting your heart rate up by swimming, fast walking and biking is important for overall fitness and endurance.

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