Homewatch CareGivers is an essential business because we help the elderly - and others who are ill or incapacitated - by doing some of their important tasks for them, or checking on them regularly.

While all ages can contract the Covid-19 virus, elderly people are in danger of suffering severe consequences from it. Their immune systems may not be as strong, and many have other medical conditions that can make them more ill with the virus.

We have a client with dementia who loves to shop. She’s having a hard time understanding why she now cannot go shopping when she wants to. We posted signs all around her house to jog her memory that she should not be going out in public.

Here are some ways you can help the elderly:

• If he has dementia, explain the situation but don’t become frustrated if he doesn’t totally understand it.

• Post signs that remind her she can’t go out. Show her the signs and what they mean.

• Give them new activities to make staying inside enjoyable - markers or pastels and paper, or paints and canvas they can operate. Leave colorful magazines they can copy from. Flowers and food are easier to copy than people and animals.

• Do their grocery shopping. Make a list together, and add a fun item or comfort food. Ice cream? Something new, like star fruit?

If you need help with a loved one, even if it’s just checking in on them, contact Homewatch CareGivers of Tucson at 520-219-0363.