Most people look forward to the day they can retire and leave work stresses behind. Research shows, though, that many people miss having somewhere to go, plus the social interaction that working provides. And staying busy, while feeling that they have a purpose, helps keep seniors healthy.

Working part-time could be the answer, and being around children and animals is good for older adults.

Work with kids

I’m not saying you should chase two-year-olds, but older children need help in many ways:

• Cafeteria worker – Unlike volunteering, you get paid to work in the school cafeteria and the commitment is only a few hours/day.

• Substitute – Work only when you want to as a substitute teacher.

• Tutor – Work at your house or theirs and set your own hours and rates.

Care for animals

Furry and feathered friends need love and care in several ways:

• Pet sitter – animals will be overjoyed to see you, and you can take as many jobs as you care to at the rate you desire.

• Dog walker – Ditto for walking dogs that would otherwise be inside all day.

• Shelter helper – Animal shelters often need paid helpers they can rely on regularly, but they welcome part-timers.

I'm always looking for seniors to be part-time caregivers, too. For more information, or help with your own needs at home, contact Homewatch Caregivers at 520-297-9349.