With the holidays coming, it’s a good time to remember to look after your own needs, too. Here are some tips to help:

Schedule “me time” on the calendar.

At least once a week from now through New Year’s, write “ME” on your calendar and use the time for whatever calms you -- working out, meditation, a long walk, a soak in the tub... and follow through.

Make travel easy.

If you’re traveling, pack early and pack light. Start a week in advance by washing the clothes you’ll need and laying them out to pack. Make a list and cross off items as you pack them the day before your trip. Remember to put meds and personal necessities on your list.

Stay hydrated.

Being dehydrated can make you feel sick, tired and sluggish. Have water with you at all times, and drink it.

Keep up on meds.

Create a simple system so you’ll remember to take medications on time so you’ll feel your best every day.

Create necessary boundaries.

You can’t do everything and be everywhere without running yourself ragged, so opt out of things you don’t want to do or realistically don’t have time for. And don’t feel guilty about it, either.

Feel your feelings. It’s easy to get overwhelmed this time of year, trying to cope by eating or drinking anything that’s nearby. Instead, acknowledge what you’re feeling and why, and what the solutions are for working through them. Then get a healthy snack.

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