In-home help - for a few hours or around the clock - allows people to stay in their homes longer. There are several important signs to watch for that indicate when help is needed.

House isn’t as clean as it used to be

When someone who was always tidy now has a messy home, that’s a sign they need assistance. A home caregiver can be hired to do light housekeeping and check in on them as well.

Changes in appearance

If the way a loved one looks has changed lately - maybe it’s clear she hasn’t brushed her hair in days, or he isn’t bathing - they may have forgotten about personal hygiene or not care about it, which could signal memory issues or depression.

Not eating or losing weight

If a loved one is losing weight without trying to, see a doctor to rule out illness. But if you see that they have lost interest in cooking or eating, home care could be someone to make meals and sit with them while they eat.

Reduced activity level

Often, when a senior is afraid of falling, they stop being active so they won’t take any risks. But they need to exercise as well as continue pastimes they enjoy. A home care helper can suggest ways to reduce fall risks and suggest a walk or dance class.

For information on the ways home care can help, contact HomeCare Assistance of Green Valley at 520-625-2050.