As homecare providers, we have a front row seat to some of the predatory behaviors towards the senior community here in Green Valley.

Did you Know?

• 1 in 5 seniors has been ‘abused’ financially.

• 26% of all fraud cases are reported by seniors, the most of any age group.

• Seniors own half of all the financial assets in America, making them prime targets for fraud.

• Estimated overall cost of senior fraud is close to $36 billion per year or even more.

Common Scams

• Romance scams are purported to cause the largest average losses.

• Telemarketing is still the most common way to initiate a scam, followed by email or online scams.

• Tech Support (offers to fix technological problems that they ‘remotely detected’).

• Prize Winning/Electronic Funds Transfer scams (claims you have won a prize but need to pay taxes or fees to claim).

• Elder Financial Abuse (usually carried out by unscrupulous financial advisors, malicious friends or family, someone who gets close to and earns the trust of their victim. Usually starts small and gets worse as it continues).

Steps to protect yourself

• Never disclose personal information on the phone, via email, or chatting online.

• Be wary of all email links and attachments.

• If you’ve really won a prize – it’s free!

• Sign up for the ‘Do not call’ list at 1-888-382-1222 and unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

• Sign up for free scam alerts at

• Always research services or companies before bringing them into your home.

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