San Miguel de Allende

A walking tour of the colorful and beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende reveals photo opportunities on almost every corner.

We start our adventure heading down the cobblestone street to a spring that, incidentally, was the reason for the founding of the city. We visit a location that was set up for clothing washing with a constant water flow.

We cross the street and visit Benito Juarez Park, which is where romance begins in San Miguel. We then meander down to Instituto Allende where foreigners go to learn Spanish, cooking and other talents. Originally a Hacienda, the huge walls still surround the complex.

For lunch we choose one of the many restaurants that line the main avenue. After lunch, we head to a beautiful store which specializes in Mexican opals. Every color and setting can be found here.

Then, those who wish to continue go with Stuart on to Bellas Artes (Art Institute), a huge historic building once part of a nunnery. There they have coffee shops and offer classes in everything from music and fine instrument making to ceramics and language. Several historic murals are also at Bellas Artes.

As we end the tour some of our group head back to the hotel while others stay downtown and capture the beautiful, lively evenings on the town square.

It was a beautiful day in San Miguel de Allende. For more enchanting, picture-perfect places to visit, contact The Happy Quail at 520-404-2053.

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