I was really excited to go with my Aunt Lourdes to buy “el mandado” (groceries) at an open market where she goes every week in her neighborhood in Zapopan. These farmers markets in Mexico are called “Tianguis” and they have existed since before the Spaniards set their colonies in Mexico.

We grabbed our bags and went walking along the beautiful colonial streets where several blocks of people sold fruits and vegetables and other food – seeing piles of cinnamon, basil leaves, oregano, hibiscus flowers and vanilla beans, all kinds of chilies, all the possible fruits and vegetables you can imagine, plus those you can only find there, like zapote, guanabana, mameyand many more, all organic and fresh!

I tried everything that was offered to me, eating slices of all kinds of fruits and vegetables handed to me from the tip of a knife.  We walked the rest of the way holding our hands, like when I was a kid and she used to take me places.

We hired a man with a bicycle that had a big basket in the front to take us home so we would not break our backs carrying so many kilos of groceries.

For me it was a day of connecting with my childhood, remembering the time when I was living  there, reminding me of my love for my family and my roots. 

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