Don’t wait until winter to find out if your system is working well. Get ready now before you need it with these tips:

Check your thermostat: Test to check it is displaying the correct temperature and settings you (or Green Valley Cooling & Heating) have programmed, and ensure batteries are replaced.

Humidifier: Change the damper setting on your humidifier to the “winter” setting.

Install a Carbon Monoxide detector: Every year there are hundreds of incidences where families fall victim to Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. Choose a detector that incorporates an audible alarm to signal if CO reaches unsafe levels, and test them every six months.

Ceiling fan: Reverse your ceiling fans to bring the warm air down.

Cold air returns: Make sure your cold air returns have at least six inches of space between them and any furniture or personal items. Blocked cold air returns will decrease the efficiency of your system.

Check windows, doors, electric outlets and light fixtures for air leaks: Caulk, install or replace weather stripping, or insulate as needed.

Let the sunshine in: During the winter months, the sun angles lower, generating a higher level of solar heat. Open window coverings on the south side of your home during the day and close them at night.

Schedule your duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning: There’s no better time than winter to ensure the air you’re breathing is clean and free of impurities, dust, dirt and dander.

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