Homeowners often receive “$49.95 duct cleaning” specials from questionable organizations, leading them to believe that their ducts must be crawling with nasty spores and other harmful creepy things. So let’s chill out and take a reality check.

Two types of air ducts

Air ducts are the HVAC system’s means of distribution. Supply ducts supply cool or hot air to the living spaces, and return ducts pull air from the space and return it to the air handler to be heated or cooled and then re-circulated. 

Key elements of HVAC systems

Think of an HVAC system as similar to the human body's circulatory system. The heart of the HVAC system is the compressor (the unit that sits outside) and air handler. They work together to heat or cool the air - then push the air through the ductwork (arteries) to the living spaces. Air filters then remove airborne impurities (liver) like pollen and dust. 

How to maximize air quality and efficiency

Ductwork is only one component of the HVAC system. First, the ducts should be thoroughly examined - by equipment that travels completely inside the ducts discovering potential dust pockets, kinks, air leaks, and other problems. Once completed, you will have thorough documentation of the status of your system and what needs to be done – if anything – to improve air quality and maintain system performance.

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