Homeowners often receive offers for low-price duct cleaning “specials” that lead them to believe their ducts must be crawling with nasty spores and other harmful things.

A clean, sealed duct system offers the best air quality and efficiency.

Ductwork – which supplies cool or hot air to living spaces and returns air to the air handler to be heated or cooled and recirculated - is just one component of your complete HVAC operating system. First, the ducts should be examined from the inside out - not just as far as a worker can reach - but by equipment that travels completely inside the ducts discovering potential dust pockets, kinks, air leaks, and other problems.

If it is determined that duct cleaning is required, a reputable HVAC contractor will disassemble and clean all air handling system components, check all air filters and replace them as needed.

They also can seal the small air leaks that can be found in every duct system.

You should be given thorough documentation (including pictures) of the status of the system and what needs to be done – if anything – to improve air quality and maintain system performance.

The truth is, if your system is maintained properly, and filters are changed regularly, the need for duct cleaning is minimal.

Yet, cleaning and inspecting ducts by unqualified, cheap contractors can actually damage ducts and compromise system performance.

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