Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

This applies to every company you do business with. And it definitely applies to HVAC companies because, unfortunately, the industry is full of contractors making outlandish claims they can’t deliver on.

Research the reputation of any company you’re considering hiring. Have they built the trust and confidence of their current customers? Because that’s how to tell what they are likely to deliver to their future customers as well.

Go to their website and look for attributes such as character, competence and caring. What type of training do their technicians have? HVAC is a complex field, so it’s vital that the technician who comes to your home has the highest level of training available.

It sounds simple enough. Who doesn’t understand the importance of knowing and trusting those you are working with?

One way to tell a contractor’s character is to look for awards they say they’ve won. Have they been voted “best” HVAC firm or Contractor of the Year from any legitimate entity? Winning an award for their ethics is a good sign that their customers are happy with the company’s business practices.

As always, though, do a few simple online searches to ensure the company has won the awards they say they have.

For an appointment with an ethical, award-winning company that has earned the trust of its customers over more than 50 years in business, contact Green Valley Cooling and Heating at 520-625-1234.

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