One way to ensure your furnace or heating system is ready for the cool weather is to have a professional, licensed and trained HVAC technician check it over and make sure it is running efficiently.

How an annual tune-up helps

An annual tune-up on your furnace or system can reduce the risk of having an emergency breakdown leave you in the cold. It increases the lifespan of your system and lowers monthly energy bills. It also ensures your system is safe, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Clean ducts and vents

A licensed and trained HVAC technician can clean anything that might be blowing out through your ducts and vents into your home and lungs. This results in a cleaner living environment, reduces allergens and irritants, removes unpleasant odors, improves airflow efficiency and helps you breathe better.

Consider a programmable thermostat

Automated and convenient, programmable thermostats keep a consistent temperature, increase your home’s efficiency, provide system alerts and save you money..

Clean clutter around furnace

Make sure the furnace closet, room or surrounding area is free from clutter and debris. This allows easy access to your furnace when you need it and can even prevent a possible fire hazard.

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