An air conditioning system absorbs heat from the indoor air into the refrigerant at the indoor coil, then delivers it to the outdoor coil, where it’s released into the outdoor air. During a hot, dry day your A/C system may use most of its capacity to change the temperature of the air.

However, once our humidity rises, part of your system’s job is to remove moisture from the air so your home doesn’t become cold and damp. While the clouds and afternoon rains may cool outside temperatures, our A/C systems have lots of work to do pulling out moisture.

The collected moisture now needs to be drained away. This is what most service issues are about this time of year. Dust from the coils and algae growth can get washed into and clog the drain lines, causing water leaks and possibly damage. During regular maintenance, coils and drain lines should be cleaned to help prevent this. Additionally, safety switches can be added to get your attention by shutting off the system temporarily before damage occurs.

Indoor air quality can also be affected by the moisture on the coil. That “Dirty Sock Smell” indicates there may be bacteria growth on the coil. While proper drainage will help, there are also products that use UV technology to keep the coils and pans clean and free of mold and bacteria.

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