If your home has a heat pump, you may sometimes be annoyed that it seems to run constantly without warming the space very much. The reason for this is that heat pumps pull air from one place to another and, when it gets cold outside, they can’t find enough warm air to bring inside.

Under these circumstances, auxiliary heat must be used to bring the space to the desired temperature range. Once that temperature is reached, the heat pump should be able to maintain the temperature unless the outside temps drop below the system’s operational range.

System Maintenance

Heat pumps require trained technicians to ensure proper operation. The system contains a complex series of blower relays and reversing valves that respond best to the commands of a programmable thermostat.

You can improve your heat pump’s efficiency and keep it in peak working order by following some simple steps:

* Install clean air filters regularly and maintain them.

* Use a programmable thermostat to deliver more efficient operation.

* Make sure your air ducts are sealed and you have no leakage.

* Update your home’s energy efficiency by insulating it adequately and sealing gaps and leaks around windows and doors.

* Schedule regular system service and check-ups.

System Experts

For system sizing, installation, ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting or to schedule a FREE system analysis with one of our 30+ trained technicians, call Green Valley Cooling and Heating at 520-625-1234.

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