Once upon a time, people were mainly concerned about two things – heating and/or cooling a space. Today, technological advances have brought such efficient ways to control indoor comfort and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) that home and business owners need to rethink the way their indoor environment is managed and controlled. Before installing or modifying an HVAC system, today’s HVAC professionals must consider key indoor environmental factors including:

• The “tightness” of the structure & inside air exchange rates

• Structural configuration – attached garages, location of heat sources, new additions, materials used, etc.

• Presence of problem contaminants – biological and chemical

• Geographic location – prevailing winds, high/low humidity

• Existence of volatile organic compounds

• Presence of combustion by-products

Although this sounds complex, creating a comfortable and “clean” indoor air environment can be accomplished easily by teaming up with an experienced, proven HVAC contractor that can:

• Evaluate indoor air quality and HVAC system requirements

• Perform a complete Energy / IAQ Audit

• Prioritize solutions and deliver cost estimates and time frames for each step

• Deliver and maintain the right HVAC / IAQ system for each unique application

Using the latest HVAC / IAQ components available reduces allergens and other contaminants that can cause allergic reactions and chronic illnesses. Now, maintaining a healthy, comfortable indoor environment can be a reality. Look for a reputable HVAC contractor with NATE Certified Technicians. Let them put you in control of both indoor comfort and a healthy indoor air environment.

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