Robert Burkholder

Years in business: 49 years

Overall years of personal experience: 25 years

Areas of expertise: Residential HVAC design, troubleshooter, repair and maintenance

Education or experience that qualify you as an expert in this field: 1992 graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute, 1994 completed VA Apprenticeship, NATE Certification 2000, NATE Air Distribution Certification 2011, BPI Certification 2011, ACCA Manual-J Certification 2014

Brief description of your job: Replacement HVAC System Soles including design of HVAC systems and air distribution systems

What do you like about the products/services you provide? I Like being able to provide my clients with improved comfort and lower energy bills.

Why your customers like to do business with you? We care about our customers. We want to provide solutions for their cooling and heating needs.

Hobbies or special interests: Scubadiving, golf, bowling and off roading in my Jeep

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