This month we are celebrating smiles by looking at the health of our gum tissue! Watching for symptoms and catching any signs early are the very best steps to having healthy gums.

Oftentimes, the early stages of gum disease are pain free and can go undetected without proper home care and checkups. The great news is if caught during the early stages, periodontal disease is reversible. Moderate to severe periodontal disease is treatable!

Signs to look for

• Tissue that is red, swollen, puffy, or tender

• Bleeding

• Gum recession

• Pockets or gaps at the gum line

• Infection

• Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth

• Teeth shifting or not fitting together normally

• Loose teeth

At Del Norte Dental we are committed to every aspect of your smile. Please take care of those pearly whites by calling to schedule your checkup today! We can’t wait to see you at your next visit! For an appointment, call 520-625-7224.