Arizona’s warm temperatures and beautiful scenery make it a great state to call home. Unfortunately, many dangerous pests agree. Here are five of the most harmful.


Nature's most efficient demolition crews, termites cause an average $5B+ dollars in damage every year. And Arizona’s right on top of the most aggressive termite belt in the country, so have your home inspected at least annually.


Black ants spreading germs, carpenter ants chewing tunnels throughout your walls, or fire ants delivering painful stings - all need to be kept out of your home. FYI, mint, cinnamon, black pepper, vinegar and lemon juice make good natural ant deterrents.


Scorpions are among the most deadly pests. Many have clear bodies making them difficult to spot, and bark scorpions can deliver enough venom to cause respiratory issues, convulsions and intense pain. If you are stung by one, get medical attention immediately.


Although most spiders are harmless, Arizona is home to two of the most dangerous: black widows and Arizona brown spiders (brown recluse spiders). Both like to hide in dark, secluded places.


Research indicates that 99% of all wild honey bees in Southern Arizona should be considered Africanized “killer” bees. They attack in swarms and, with enough stings, can even kill an adult.

Arizona is still a great place to live if you take the necessary precautions. For more tips and quality pest control services, visit our site at today or call us at 520-625-2381.

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