In our new pandemic world, we have all learned to change our routine and behaviors. We are more mindful of our hand washing habits, practice social distancing and wear masks. However, subterranean termites in Southern Arizona have not received the memo and as we head into termite season, homeowners should be on the lookout for these hungry rulebreakers.*

An underground workforce

The primary species of termites in Southern Arizona are subterranean, meaning they live in nests underground. They work 24 hours a day to build a complex system of mud tunnels from their nests in search of wood and other cellulose material to consume. When they reach your home’s foundation, they continue building their mud tunnels up the foundation and into your walls.

Protecting your home

There are several methods to make your property less appealing to termites:

• Prevent plants, trees and other wood material from forming a bridge from the ground to your home’s walls or foundation.

• Store firewood and other cellulose material away from the foundation.

• If possible, prevent soil and other landscaping material from hiding the foundation.

• Make sure water drains away from the house, as termites are attracted to the moisture.

• Have a licensed professional perform an annual termite inspection.

Bill’s Home Service has protected Southern Arizona residents from the destructive jaws of termites since 1964. Our state licensed and highly trained technicians are ready to address your termite concerns this termite season. For a free termite inspection, call (520) 625-2381.

*NOTE: There is no evidence that insects, including termites, carry or transmit COVID-19; we are merely saying termites travel together as they invade homes.