As much as we enjoy the warm summer monsoon storms this time of year, there are millions of tiny insects below our feet (and homes) that enjoy it even more. This means that termite season is coming! There are steps you can take to make sure your home isn’t appealing to these hungry invaders.

Divert water away from your home.

Termites are attracted to moisture, so keep rain, irrigation and other water away from the foundation. Fix inside water leaks or excessive moisture issues quickly.

Keep wood material away from the foundation.

Termites constantly forage for wood to eat, so keep plants and trees trimmed back away from the home and don’t store firewood or cellulose material near the foundation.

Keep your foundation visible.

Don’t let materials build up against your foundation and reach the siding, as this allows a hidden pathway for termites to enter your home undetected.

Have annual inspections performed by a professional.

Regularly inspect your exterior foundation for signs of termites (little dirt tubes or tunnels going from the ground up the side of the foundation). But hire a licensed professional at least once a year to perform a full interior and exterior inspection to make sure these tiny trespassers haven’t slipped through the cracks (literally!).

The licensed professionals at Bill’s Home Service have over 55 years of experience protecting area homes and businesses from termites. Call today for your free termite inspection and more information on protecting your home from termites or other desert pests: 520-625-2381.

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