It’s monsoon season in the desert – a beautiful time of strong summer storms and mesmerizing lightning shows that bring much needed rain to the parched land. The monsoons also provide ideal conditions for many of our desert pests, who thrive amid the warmth and moisture..


Although scorpions have extra layers of lipids on their exoskeletons that minimize water loss - enabling them to go up to six months without water - when they have easy access to moisture from the summer monsoons they’re more active predators. The water also brings out insects like crickets, beetles, and spiders, which are popular prey for scorpions.


Spiders also thrive in the warm and humid environment. Common spiders like the black widow and the orb weaver like to spin webs in plants and bushes where there is plenty of moisture to catch their prey.


One of the most destructive insects that flourish during the hot, moist months of the summer are subterranean termites. These tiny demolition crews often go deep into the soil when it’s dry, but summer rains bring them out to actively search for wood to consume.

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