Pack rats, or wood rats, are Southern Arizona’s most common rat species. Their attraction to shiny objects means their nests often contain items like jewelry, coins, toys and cans.

Identifying pack rats and their nests

Adults tend to be about eight inches long with noticeably large ears and long whiskers. They typically are a brown-tan color with a lighter underside.

You may find pack rat nests in wood piles, pool equipment, A/C units, wall voids, attics, storage sheds and garages. They’ll chew on everything from wood siding and drywall to electrical wiring and plumbing. This can lead to damage and expensive repairs, as well as diseases they carry and can then transmit to humans.

How to keep pack rats out

Defend your home against pack rats by keeping landscaping well maintained and trim bushes, shrubs, and cactus up off the ground. Keep wood piles and trash cans away from the structure, and seal up holes and openings that pack rats can fit through – they only need about the size of a quarter to gain entry.

If pack rats have already invaded, professionals can set up traps and baits properly to ensure the treatment’s success.

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