Opening up a bag of flour or sugar and finding small insects can really take the merry out of holiday baking. Many different species of beetles, weevils and moths can infest a pantry; collectively they’re known as stored food pests.

What To Look For

Stored food pests like flour, cereal, nuts, pasta, and even candies and chocolate. Check your ingredients for signs of insects before starting to bake. Look for small droppings or insects on the shelves next to food items, and small holes or other damage to the box or container. Inside, evidence of an infestation depends on the species, but includes live insects, shed “skin” and small droppings. If you see these signs, discard the whole product immediately.

How to Keep Stored Food Pests Out

To keep stored food pests from ruining your holiday baking:

• At the store, make sure packaging is properly sealed with no signs of damage.

• Keep ingredients in plastic or glass containers with airtight, secure lids.

• Keep pantry shelves and counters free from crumbs and other food.

• Routinely clean food shelves and discard old, expired items.

• Toss the entire item if an infestation is found and thoroughly check nearby food.

If stored food pests keep spoiling your holiday plans, call the professionals at Bill’s Home Service. Our licensed technicians have the training and expertise to identify the pest issue and get you back to baking. Call (520) 625-2381 or visit for more information.