You’re just about to fall asleep when the chirping starts. Lying awake you wonder, how do I get rid of crickets????

The most common crickets in Southern Arizona are house and field crickets. Although neither harm people, pets or structures, they are a nuisance and can attract scorpions and spiders who hunt them.


Adult house crickets are 3/4” - 7/8” long with yellowish brown coloring and antennae that are often longer than their bodies. Field crickets are 1/2” – 1 1/4” long with dark brown to black coloring. Their chirping occurs when males rub their front wings together to attract females.


Crickets are nocturnal, preferring damp, protected spaces during the day. Outdoors, they’re found in flower beds, under potted plants and in irrigation boxes. Inside, crickets are seen in bathrooms and kitchens, under sinks and cabinets. A habitat must have accessible food; however, crickets eat a variety of foods including plants, other insects, and even fabric like clothing and carpet.


Getting rid of crickets involves eliminating moisture in and around your home. Repair water leaks promptly, reduce irrigation directly against your home’s foundation and make sure windows and doorways are sealed. A regular pest control program is highly effective for immediate control of an existing problem and protection against future issues.

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