Just because temperatures are beginning to cool, it doesn’t mean that pest issues begin to decrease. Be on the lookout for these pests this fall:


Subterranean termites will continue to be a major pest for homeowners for the next few months. There’s still plenty of warmth in the soil – and our homes – for them to actively forage for wood to feed their ever-growing colony.


Pack rats and mice are actively searching for warm shelter now. Watch for small droppings in and around homes and businesses and seal all entry points the size of a pinky finger or larger.


While you expect scorpions in the summer, the striped-tail and bark scorpion will seek indoor warmth in the fall and winter months. Maintaining an active barrier around the home prevents both scorpions and their prey from gaining access.


Similar to scorpions, many spiders also pursue warmer conditions as the weather changes. Spiders will find corners and protected hiding spots, taking advantage of the warmth and other pests that are active inside.


Paper wasps, another summer pest, are particularly active this fall. The increased moisture has made wasp populations much larger and therefore more reproductive females will establish new nests. They will be actively hunting to supply their future larvae with the nutrients they’ll need as they develop throughout the winter months.

For help controlling pests during this fall and winter, call on the licensed professionals at Bill’s Home Service at (520) 625-2381 or

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