Spring has sprung in the Arizona desert and with that come some pest dangers. Southern Arizona residents should be on the lookout for these hazardous pests as temperatures continue to rise.

Africanized Honeybees

Bees are essential for our ecosystem and crops. However, Africanized honey bees, also called killer bees, now make up 99%+ of Southern Arizona’s wild honey bee population. They look like European honey bees but are very aggressive, attack in a swarm, and can be deadly.

Avoid all honey bee colonies and call a licensed professional. If you’re attacked by honey bees, run for the nearest shelter, avoiding other people so you don’t lead the bees to them. Never jump into water to escape; these killer bees will just wait for you to resurface.

Three types of scorpions

Southern Arizona is home to three different scorpion species. Giant desert hairy scorpions are the largest, but prefer to remain outdoors and tend to use their front claws more than their stinger. The striped-tail or devil’s scorpion is the most common in our area and is found inside and outside the home. The most lethal is the Arizona bark scorpion and is also found inside and outside. Take action by reducing the insect population they feed on, seal entry points and cracks, and call a licensed professional for help.

For more information on avoiding pest dangers, call the experts at Bill’s Home Service at (520) 625-2381. Our licensed technicians know the best methods to keep people and pets safe.