Having pests in your home is disgusting, disturbing and disconcerting. If you want to completely eradicate common pests - ants, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders and others - you need to know these five places where pests love to hide.

All Over the Kitchen

From cupboards to kitchen appliances, pests love spending time in kitchens because they provide what bugs need to survive: water and food. They can get their food supply from your trash, your dog or cat’s pet food bag, on the counter or in the cupboards.

Moist, Dark Bathrooms

Oh yes, the moist, dark shower, bath and the faucet create a water source for bugs, and the cupboards turn into their cozy, dark homes.

Crannies and Closets

Every home of any size has many nooks, crannies and closets that are great places for pests to hide. They prefer dark places where they aren’t disturbed often, so the floor of the pantry or coat closet is ideal.

Cozy, Warm Beds

Bed bugs love to crawl inside your mattress, cozy into the corners and underneath your sheets.

Deep Inside Furniture

Cockroaches, spiders, fleas, carpet beetles, dust mites and of course bed bugs love to hide deep inside your sofas and chairs and between the cushions, especially if you eat food on your furniture. Chances are, you’ll drop some crumbs, which is like having their meals hand-delivered.

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