If you have untreated hearing loss, you may be surprised at how much of life you’re missing. People who treat their hearing loss are often amazed at how much better life is when they can hear again.

Better learning and memory. It’s important to hear things for yourself. It helps you remember what was said, and you’ll find that you stay involved in conversations. In turn, you keep up on current events and learn new ideas and skills. Using your memory also lowers your risk for cognitive decline.

Better relationships. You can focus better and respond more quickly when you hear what’s being said around you. It’s no secret that better communication makes relationships better.

Improved mental health. If you’re constantly relying on other people to relay what was said, it can hurt your self-esteem. Many people feel less depressed and less anxious once they can hear again.

Improved physical health. Balance and sense of awareness improve when you can hear what’s going on around you, so your risk of falling decreases. People who can hear well are more likely to socialize and are less sedentary, which improves heart health and general well-being.

Better job performance and earning power. Improving all these areas can help your job performance and lead to higher earnings.

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