hearing aid

Anything new takes some getting used to, including hearing aids. Here are tips for using hearing aids successfully:

• Wear your hearing aids daily. . While you will notice immediate improvement, it could take several months to fully adapt to them, as your brain begins to recognize which sounds to pay attention to.

• Professional fitting is key. The programming of your new hearing aids will reflect the results of your audiogram and your personal preferences to ensure your hearing is natural sounding and optimal.

• Make and keep your follow-up appointment. A few weeks after receiving your hearing aids, your audiologist will fine-tune them and outline a routine care and maintenance schedule.

This maintenance schedule should include six month “clean and check” appointments and a plan to monitor your hearing for any potential changes in the future. It is also important that you work with a provider you can trust, feel comfortable explaining what is working well, and what challenges you are facing with the new hearing aids so they can be adjusted accordingly. . Many newer hearing aids have remote programming, so your audiologist can adjust them without an office visit.

Hearing aids are not just simple amplifiers. They are sophisticated devices that are only one part in the treatment process. Understanding this fact, and that fit and follow up are as important as the hearing aid itself, will help increase your satisfaction with your purchase.

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