The game of golf is filled with hazards. Water, bunkers, sand traps, and dense vegetation can all wreak havoc with your game. And so, it turns out, can your hearing. Studies show individuals who can perceive sound with both ears tend to play better golf than those suffering from hearing loss.

By paying close attention to the sound made when the club head contacts the ball, golfers can better control the distance and accuracy of their shots, especially when taking chip shots or putting, where power is less a factor than finesse.

The tones produced by the club striking the ball indicate different swings of the club. By paying close attention to both the feel of the club making contact with the ball, and the sound produced, golfers will naturally improve the quality of their play over time.

When hearing is impaired, the golfer loses the benefit of this additional sense. Swings are less accurate, and scores tend to rise. Golfers playing in pairs or groups may have trouble following conversations, especially when there is background noise (e.g. wind blowing or a bumpy golf cart ride). This can lead to misunderstandings and poor communication.

Regular hearing evaluations by a qualified audiologist can help golfers enjoy their game more. The earlier hearing loss is detected, the more options you have for treatment and the better your odds for success.

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