Many people hear that insurance companies don’t pay for hearing devices, so they don’t even look into their insurance benefits. They also don’t want to pay for the devices themselves, so they just continue watching TV on high volume and asking others to repeat themselves.

Will insurance or Medicare pay for hearing aids?

The answer is that insurance companies often do provide some degree of assistance for hearing healthcare services. For example:

* Insurance (including Medicare) will often cover a hearing test performed by an audiologist.

* Some private insurances will help pay for hearing aids.

* The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does provide provisions for hearing aids and other hearing services.

In addition, some insurers offer hearing plans – similar to vision plans – that will help reduce your out-of-pocket costs for hearing tests and/or hearing devices.

Hearing test must be performed by an audiologist.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that insurance companies will often require the hearing test and services to be performed by an audiologist. A doctor of audiology has a bachelor’s degree plus a four-year doctoral degree, meaning they have the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive hearing healthcare.

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