If you’re among the 20 percent of the population who experience tinnitus, which might sound like ringing, whooshing or swishing in the ears, it can be very frustrating.

Addressing tinnitus is difficult because it’s a symptom rather than an illness or disease. It could be caused by high blood pressure, vascular disease, benign tumors, hearing loss, anxiety, depression, or other problems. For many, a cause cannot be determined.

Tips for Easing Tinnitus

There isn’t a cure for tinnitus, nor any one treatment that works for everyone. But these tips may reduce its impact on your life.

Stop smoking. Men over 40 who smoke have the highest risk for tinnitus. Smoking affects the nerve cells of the inner ear, which could lead to tinnitus for both men and women.

Get enough sleep. Symptoms may worsen when you’re tired. Establish a bedtime routine at the same time each night so your body learns to relax for sleep.

Reduce stress levels. Anxiety and stress can make tinnitus worse. If you can’t remove what’s causing your stress, try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation or focused breathing exercises.

White noise. Continuous sounds from a white noise machine, fan, air conditioner, or music may help.

Hearing aids. The most popular treatment for tinnitus is being fit with appropriate hearing aids. This allows for an enriched sound environment, which can distract you from your tinnitus, while also improving your hearing.

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